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              Shanghai Qifan Cable Co., Ltd., founded in 1994, A listed company (605222) in Shanghai Stock Exchange, with a decade wire and cable manufacturing experience. It’s one of Top 20 cable manufacturers in China. Its products cover low voltage power cable, medium voltage power cable, extra high voltage power cable, submarine cable, control cable, instrumentation cable, building wire, flexible rubber cable, fire rated cable, renewable cable, solar cable, industrial cable, Lan cable, coaxial cable etc.

              The company have three plant and has 3048 employees with annual sales revenue more than 9.7 billion RMB in Y2020. Plant has a series of imported production lines including Niehoff copper drawing lines, Troster Germany and Maillefer Finland 500KV VCV lines, stranding machine from Pourtier France, SKET Germany, Caballe Spain, 220KV and 35KV production line plus SIKORA X – RAY 8000 on-line eccentricity measuring unit from Germany, Plant have gotten ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001. Plant passed TUV, VDE, UL, CE, SAA, BS etc. certificate.
              Products are exported to worldwide covering Australia, Mongolia, Thailand, Malaysia, Peru, Philippines, Egypt, Turkey, Zambia, New Zealand, Cuba, Congo, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, Singapore, etc. Quick and good customer service, short lead time is our focus. With our experience, quality, dedication, innovation, Qifan cable is the correct choice for all you cable need.
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        Tel : +86-021-57220171       E-mail :info@qifancable.com       Add :No. 238, Zhenkang Road, Zhangyan Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai, China

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